Product group:
WSH Shaft repair sleeve
R Repair
Stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)

Mounting sleeve material: carbon steel 1.0330 (SAE 1008)


Operational application limits

The operational application limits such as temperature, circumferential speed and pressure are determined by the rotary shaft seal selected. As a rule, the WSH R covers the operating parameters for all standard rotary shaft seals.

Technical data

The sliding surface for the rotary shaft seal is an important machine element in the rotary seal system and must therefore meet a number of technical requirements in order to achieve a good sealing effect and a long service life.

Surface finish/roughness values
Ra = 0.2 bis 0.8 µm
Rz = 1 bis 5 µm
Rmax ≤ 6.3 µm

Surface processing: Lead-free grinding
Surface hardness: HV 220 (95 HRB) wear resistant processing
Wall thickness: 0.28 mm thin wall design


WSH R shaft repair sleeves are used to repair grooved or worn rotary shaft seal sliding surfaces, e.g. in drive technology. They offer a cost effective alternative to replacement or the laborious reworking of the worn shaft as they are simply pulled over the worn sliding surface.

Deep grooves can result in the original rotary shaft seal dimension having to be replaced with a rotary shaft seal with a smaller inner diameter because the original diameter has been significantly reduced by the reworking of the shaft. This problem with the grooved shaft in the sliding surface area can be solved quickly and easily using the WSH R, without having to dismantle and rework the shaft or use a rotary shaft seal of a different size.

Naturally, WSH R can also be used as original equipment for machines, aggregates or plants to avoid the complex, costly and in some cases also difficult processing of the sliding surface on the shaft.