9RB = extended metal ring
NBR 70, FPM 70
black, brown

Metallring: steel 1.0204 (SAE 1008) covered on demand
Metallring: stainless spring steel 1.4301 (SAE 304)


Operational application limits

Peripheral speeds: NBR ≤ 12 m/s
Temperature: NBR – 40°C to + 100°C
Pressure: designed for pressureless operation.

Sliding surface

The RB/9RB axial seal runs against a sliding surface placed at right angles to the shaft, e.g. the flange cover or end wall of a bearing housing. The metal air side of a rotary shaft seal (type B, C) is often also used as a sliding surface. The demands on the sliding surface are lower than with rotary shaft seals.
The sliding surface should have a machine-finished surface with a surface quality of max. Ra = 2 µm (adequate for many applications). Prefabricated injection mould or moulded light-metal alloy parts as


The shaft should be produced with a tolerance acc. to ISO h9 (or the standard tolerance for roller bearings acc. to ISO g6 or n6) to guarantee the required press fit and good, secure positioning on the shaft. No further axial fixing is necessary.


Good chemical resistance to many mineral oils and greases


RB/9RB axial seals are mainly used in combination with rotary shaft seals. They are applied as modular sealing elements affixed in series to seal against dirt, dust, grease and water spray from the outside.