Type C

Product group:
Rotary shaft seal
C = outer surface metal and stiffening ring
NBR 70
black metal cage


Operational application limits

Pressure (Mpa/bar): ≤ 0.05/0.5
Temperature (°C): -40 to +100
Peripheral speed (m/s): ≤ 12


Good chemical resistance to various mineral oils and greases.


The WC is a single-action rotary shaft seal for rotating or pivoting shafts with optional protective lip sealing action (WCS) on the side facing away from the medium, against dirt accumulation from the outside. The additional metal insert gives the rotary shaft seal more rigidity and the metal outer casing guarantees tight and accurate fitting. The WB model has limited sealing action with thin fluid or gaseous media and with split housings.
To guarantee a high degree of static sealing on the outer surface, better surface treatment of the housing bore is required or an additional coat of paint should be applied to the metal outer casing.


Suitable tools should be used for installation. It is recommended that the installation housing is designed to provide the rotary shaft seal with axial support.


Heavy engineering, e.g. agricultural and forestry machinery, wind energy converters and rolling mills.
As a result of its greater rigidity the WC/WCS is particularly suitable for larger dimensions as well as difficult installation conditions and severe operating conditions.