AM 43

Product group:
Profile no.:
M with metal bonded fit
NBR 90 3402,
steel acc. to DIN EN 10139


Operational application limits

Temperature (°C): -40 to +100
Running speed (m/s): ≤ 1


Hydraulic oils acc. to DIN 51524 Part 1 – 3, lubricating oils, mineral oil based lubricating greases, highly non-flammable hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC acc. to VDMA 24317


The AM 43 is a single-acting wiper. Because it is pressed against the rod, dirt is wiped from the surface by the action of the rod as it retracts. On the outer diameter, a metal caged ring is vulcanised onto the elastomer body


The AM 43 wiper can be installed in an axially accessible housing. The advantage lies in the simple design of the installation housing and practical easy installation, in particular with smaller diameters. Please note that the installation housing has to be designed with light chamfering.


The metal caged ring ensures the correct functional fit of the wiper in the installation housing due to a press fit allowance. The design of the metal angle ring leaves only a small surface area open to attack by corrosive media.